Make phone and data calls at any Country Worldwide !
Same phone number everywhere.
PTT secure communications, using radio and dispatch consoles (Beta).
Collect data from stationary and vehicular assets worldwide.
For personal and professional use.

No monthly fees or hidden payments. Pay as You Go !

Any GSM/PCS/LTE device supported.

Simply put our SIM-card into your phone, pad or radio and work locally or globally !

Go International with Globar Phone, Dispatch and Data.


Our advantages
Control your subscription online. You can always check your phone and Data activities on-line using your personal dashboard at our site, define and redefine your PTT groups, add/delete group members, add despatch consoles, for Agency PTT-style communications.
US/UK Numbering. Once in USA, you can use your native US phone number (+1) in addtition to UK (+44) elsewhere.
Security. GSM/PCS/LTE voice and data calls are protected with standard GSM/LTE security and voice privacy measures. PTT services are additionally encrypted with AES256.
Coverage. Our system uses best Cellular provider automatically for you (based on signal strength, roaming rates and cellular standard). This is useful to extend coverage even in local usage scenario.
Mobile Intenet. Access your Internet resources, check your emails and use your famous Internet services worldwide without restriction. Globar LLC respects your privacy and network neutrality for any Internet services.
Stay in touch with your partners, friends and family like at home, even travelling far.
How does it work:
  • Register first. After successfull registration you can log into dashboard to order services, SIM-cards, hardware, accessories, manage your PPT groups and more.
  • Wait delivery. Services, like worldwide roaming or PTT assume delivering goods like Radios, SIM-cards, wireless mikes and so on to your postal address. Please doublecheck your postal address in order to avoid delays.
  • TopUP your balance. This can be done in dashboard, using your favourite Credit/Debit card (We support almost any). You can do it anytime, but we prefer if you do it after receiving SIM-cards (for security reasons).
  • Insert Globar SIM card into your device (if necessary) ...and enjoy worlwide calls, data and PTT.
Almost like at home. (calculator under development)
Voice calls / minute
Internet / megabyte

Globar PTT - group communications with worldwide coverage.

Define your talk-groups and dispatcher scenarios with Globar PTT solution.


Immediate connection - Press a PTT button and talk to all talk-group members.

Coverage - Since PTT service uses our smart roaming system, - the coverage is Worldwide.

Freqently Asked Questions:
Do I need to activate the SIM card received?

No. - We ship SIM-cards preactivated, with 0 balance for security reasons. Just put the card into your device, then TopUp your account and it is ready for use.

What is my phone number?

Please dial the short USSD code *133# to see your number.

Phone works, but no Internet. What to do ?

First try to dial *172#, this will request the System to autoconfigure phone network settings. If you receive an answer message stating it is not possible (or there is a network issue), please follow the steps from SMS received. Check the Internet access after.

Are any other useful shortcodes ?

most frequently used are:
*102# divert on
*103# divert off
*121# Voicemail
*122# Voicemail on
*123# Voicemail off
*125# Voicemail state
*133# My Number
*187# Balance - this will SMS balance of given card, this is not the corporate or family balance. use dashboard for that.
*160# USA on - use this shortcode if you are in US, but phone did not switched to USA Mode for some reason in 5 minutes.

What is the expiration terms of Globar SIM and other services ?

The SIM-card (i.e. worldwide data and voice services) will expire in complete year (365 days) after last SIM card top-up date. You will receive the SMS notification 30 days before expiration. In case it is expired with positive balance please order new card and email the support to transfer the expired card balance to the new card. Please state ICCID of your new and old card (written on the card sticker), or just make a photo of both and attach to this e-mail. Please note, that your new telephone numbers will be different in such a case. Only card balance will be transferred. This will not affect your registration within Globar system, except that you will see the new card data, instead of old one. The registratration record and all settings associated (like talk group definitions) will be deleted automatically after two years of inactivity (phone/data/PTT/topping-up of individual or corporate balance).

Is it possible to have "golden" phone number ?

Globar system assigns phone numbers randomly and automatically. If you really need the fancy looking phone number please email support, 'golden' number assignement usually causes extra charges because extra manual activities involved. We will automate this service in the future, but this is not the priority.

Do you use Multi IMSI ?

Yes. We operate a superset of Multi IMSI cloud based roaming technology.

Is it possible to use Globar services in airplane ?

Usually crew asking passengers to switch off their gadgets during the flight. But if the aircraft equipped with SitaOnAir, - your gadget with our card will work even on board. Just ask the crew before usage.

How Globar SIM card differs from others (say Vodafone or Orange ones) ?

Our Globar SIM runs a special Java software embedded into it in order to provide Global Roaming services. When you landing in a new country the phone with Globar card looks for available cellular networks and chooses the supported one, with best signal and call/data rates. Card will register in this network. After registration (usually phone displays the signal strength indicator and 'Roaming' sign) you can use voice, data and PTT. If you are using displayless PTT "radio" - look to it's LED notification:
- no light - sucessfully registered and joined PTT group.
- blinking green - trying to register over open Wi-Fi network.
- blinking red - trying to register over cellular network.
- steady green - looking for a cellular network to register in.
- steady red - no supported network found (no coverage).

Does Globar card support 4G ?

Yes, it is compatible with 2G,3G,4G/LTE and works with any of 565 cellular systems worldwide.

You have your own PTT service, can I use Zello-PTT instead ?

Sure ! You can use any Internet service, including Zello, of course. Globar respects Network Neutrality. Globar PTT solution optimised for usage over the cellular networks, supports standard based gateways to two way radio systems (like P25) and PBX. Also all our services are using the single point of accounting.

How long delivery of cards usually takes ?

Usually it takes 1 to 30 days. Our Team working hard to mininimize delivery time. We always use our nearest to you logistics hub. In Europe, you can receive SIM's and equipment from our logistic premises located in NL, Germany, Lithuania, Ukraine, Moldova, (Russia coming soon). Delivery to US cusomers are sent with USPS (except most Government and agency orders). Asia Pacific - from Singapore, Australia is still under development.

Поддержка по-русски возможна ? (Is Russian speaking support available)

Оффициално - английский, но служба техподдержки мультинациональна. Мы всегда найдем общий язык ! (Support is English-speaking ! Anyway, being an international team - we will always find the common language, definitely !)